How to rollover from Voya

Voya doesn’t make it easy to get your retirement money and rollover to another investment company. Here’s how I did it, using Vanguard as an example.

The customer service rep I spoke with said there was a way to generate the forms through the website, but since I was already on the phone I had them do it.  I don’t like dealing with people on the phone, but the rep was very good and didn’t even try to pressure me into reconsidering.

This was written in November 2017 so things may have been renamed or moved around in the website. Do your best and be persistent, it’s your money!

  1. Create an account at Vanguard, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Create a new account in your Vanguard account for a rollover IRA.
  3. After giving them all the info you’ll get a PDF with mailing address and Vanguard account number for the rollover.
  4. Call Voya’s service center at 1-800-584-6001.
  5. Say customer service to the computer lady.
  6. Explain to the rep that you want to do a rollover to Vanguard and you have the mailing address and account number ready.
  7. They’ll ask some questions and generate a PDF form that you can download from your Voya account under Statements & Documents / Correspondence.
  8. They’ll explain how to fill out the form and which pages to return. It’s just signatures, today’s date, SSN and whether you’re married. Married people will need to get their spouse to sign in front a notary.
  9. You can fax or mail the forms to Voya.
  10. Voya will mail a check to Vanguard.
  11. Vanguard will notify you when the check is received.