How to Cook Rice

Use a pressure cooker and the right ratio of rice and water.

  1. Combine rice, water, and salt in pressure cooker
  2. Optionally add oil and turmeric
  3. Lock lid and leave weight off
  4. Heat on medium high until steam comes out the vent
  5. Add the weight and reduce heat to keep the weight rocking steadily (make a note once you figure out the setting)
  6. Cook for the time on the chart by type of rice
  7. Remove from heat and let pressure release naturally, about 10 minutes
  8. Fluff and serve

The right ratio of rice to water is critical, and varies by type of rice. Charts online state measuring both in cups. My measuring cups gave too much water. Use a digital scale to figure out the correct volumes, or just always measure by weight for the water.

Long grain, white rice, unrinsed was 200g per cup. My 4-cup pyrex held about 338g water for 1.5 cups. The ratio for this rice is 1:1.5 (rice:water), so that’s too much water. I measured out 300g water and got perfect rice.

Long grain, white rice, unrinsed 1.5:1, cook 3 minutes.